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Tim Brown Describes RG3 as “a Little Different”


So this is, um, awkward.

On Thursday, Heisman Trophy winner and longtime Raiders great Tim Brown made an appearance on ESPN 980’s The Drive, with hosts Al Galdi, Steve Czaban, and Chris Cooley.

Toward the end of the segment, Brown was asked about Robert Griffin III; and that’s about the time this weird cloud of discomfort began rolling over the airwaves.

(h/t to Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog for transcribing)

I was happy to see him come back the last couple games and play decent, play a lot better than what he had been playing. And I hope that’s enough to give him another shot in D.C., and really give him the confidence that he can get this thing done.

Routine stuff. Pretty neutral.

Brown continued.

But I know RGIII well enough to know that he’s a little different. I mean, I know he is maybe not the brother that you’re gonna be hanging out in the locker room with. And from that standpoint, that’s something that he has to work on.  If he’s going to be a leader, he has to be a leader of everybody in the locker room, and not just one or two guys in the locker room.

This is your oil in a hot pan starting to crackle and pop. This is standing on the frozen pond and hearing the ice begin to snap beneath your feet.

Then Cooley asks, “How is he when he gets together with all the Heisman guys?”

Brown responds.

He’s … he’s tough. He’s a different, guy, you know? And there’s no laughter, there’s no let me get in here with the boys. Everybody’s telling jokes on each other, and nobody’s trying to be mean. But you say something to him and it’s like, ‘oh wow really? Really?’

And this is Tim Brown (kind of, somewhat, pretty much, ehhh) calling RG3 soft, right? As if the young quarterback is too self-conscious to handle jokes and subtle shots amongst his peers?

Brown went on.

So instead of taking it further, what ends up happening is [it’s like] he’s not in the room. So you end up talking around him the whole time. And that’s not cool. Because now you’re literally having to talk around a guy, [when] everybody else is in here having fun and having a jovial time. So I think that’s just something that he has to understand. This is a team sport you’re playing. It’s not golf . If it was golf, brother, I’d say go for it, do what you do. But if you’re going to play a team sport, and you’re going to be the leader of a team sport, you’ve got to loosen up a little bit and be a part of the team.”

You don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill — or in this case, a few words from Tim Brown — but this is bad. And perhaps even worse, given what we’ve seen and heard pertaining to RG3 and his time in Washington, it’s all very believable.


Report: Raheem Morris Leaving Redskins for Falcons

Raheem Morris

UPDATE (01/26/15 @ 11:15 AM): Report is confirmed. Raheem Morris to Atlanta.

It’s not official quite yet, but multiple reports indicate defensive backs coach Raheem Morris will be leaving the Washington Redskins and joining the Atlanta Falcons as an assistant head coach and pass defensive coordinator.

A move like this would essentially put any rumors of Morris sticking in Washington and having an effect on the Redskins next defensive coordinator to rest.

Through All the Smoke, Redskins Hire Joe Barry as New DC

Joe Barry

After interviewing seven candidates for their vacant defensive coordinator job — including names like Wade Phillips and Vic Fangio (!) — the Redskins hired former Chargers linebackers coach Joe Barry to take over and turn around a dismal unit from a season ago.

Why to Like this Hire:

– The last time Barry served as a defensive coordinator was in 2007-2008, when he worked under head coach Rod Marinelli for two years in Detroit. It was that 2008 Lions squad that had the pee-wee defense, the not-much-better offense, and ultimately the 0-16 record. Is is it safe to assume he’s more motivated than ever to turn his career around and show that he’s deserving of a top-coaching role?

– Speaking of which, he probably learned a lot from going winless in a season, right?

“I think the way you grow, the way you get better, it’s not when things are easy and comfortable,” Barry said, according to Zac Boyer of the Washington Times. “When things are tough, that’s when you learn.”

Why to Not Like this Hire:

– Remember the rumor from two weeks ago that Washington had hired Barry as their defensive coordinator? Then Twitter blew up the Redskins, every fan hated the hire, and all of sudden the team was out interviewing other candidates because the job search “wasn’t over yet”. Well, now, yeah — Barry’s the guy.

– Not to speak for everyone, but I’m more concerned about Barry’s only defensive coordinator job coming at the hand of his father-in-law (Marinelli) than I am about the actual 0-16 record he posted when he held the position. Anyone?

– The Washington Redskins were the only team to interview Barry for a defensive coordinator job this year.

– Barry has ties to (guess who!) Bruce Allen. The Tampa Connection stays true.

– And keeping that Tampa Connection in mind, how about this popular rumor, most recently touched on by JP Finlay of CSNWashington:

One popular rumor suggested that should Fangio come, he would bring his assistants, namely Ed Donatell. Bringing Donatell meant the release of current secondary coach Raheem Morris, an assistant coach with ties to Allen from their days in Tampa together. Since that rumor’s proliferation, it has been widely shut down, but what is known now is Fangio and Donatell are in Chicago, and Morris and Barry are in Washington. It should be noted, additionally, that Morris hired Barry in Tampa after he lost his job running the Lions defense.

– With what appeared to be Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell in their sights, the Redskins wound up with a non-sought after linebackers coach who Bruce Allen JUST SO HAPPENS TO KNOW.

Go figure.

Redskins Hire Bill Callahan as Offensive Line Coach

Bill Callahan

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, the Redskins have hired former Cowboys assistant Bill Callahan to replace Chris Foerster as the offensive line coach in Washington.

This news comes just a couple days following the report that Foerster was granted permission to interview with the Bills, where he’d join the recently hired Rex Ryan in Buffalo.

This is solid step for the Redskins. Sure, the talent needs to be upgraded along the front line, but Callahan is well-respecteda and versatile in style. He’ll fill a position of need in Washington.

Now just keep your fingers crossed for Vic Fangio.

  1. Started his NFL coaching career in 1995, including stints as a head coach in Oakland from 2002-2003, and a college head coach at Nebraska from 2004-2007  (back)

Nikola Vucevic Posterizes Pau Gasol with Vicious Dunk

Not only did Orlando Magic big man Nikola Vucevic help my daily lineup cash last night to the tune of 33 points, 11 rebounds, and nearly 58 fantasy points, but he also made mince meat out of Pau Gasol on this dunk that you might be able to watch 5,786,904 times and still let out a little chuckle.

RIP, Pau.


Juke Move Forces Us to Ask: Is This a Video Game?

UPDATE: It appears the video has been yanked from the interwebs. Vine’s out here saving one juked soul at a time.

Bad on so many levels.

1. This poor kid.

2. Speaking of which, has anyone seen this guy? Have they returned to him the shoes he was so viciously juked from?

3. This isn’t just an embarrassing moment in a young man’s athletic careera, but what a punch to the gut. Like, even if the juking victim doesn’t go on to pursue a career in sports, he WILL remember that one time at football camp when he was shook so hard he fell to the ground and EVERY SINGLE OTHER CAMP PARTICIPANTb laughed at him. Hell, even if he does go pro in sports, it’s not like he forgets. A traumatic experience like this stays with you forever, regardless of career field and/or life path.

4. To make matters worse — it’s on the internet. And that, my friend, is forever.

5. Who are this young man’s legal guardians? Have we checked to see how he’s rehabbing?

6. I’m not requesting a full 30 for 30, but maybe a 30 for 30 Short…? Basically I’d like to hear/see a firsthand recount of what was going through the brain of Mr. Shaken 1) when he was on the ground, and 2) when he decided (somewhat late) that he’d continue to chase the ball carrier as part of the drill.

Best wishes. Get well soon.

  1. Note: I was never good enough at anything to be invited to some elite-ish camp.  (back)
  2. …safe to assume a few coaches as well  (back)
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