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Redskins Hangin’ Out with QB Russell Wilson?

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In anticipation of the Redskins drafting a quarterback in April, I would think that most Washington fans have their fingers crossed and their Superman socks on–hoping that Mike Shanahan covets Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III just as much as they do.

Although Griffin may not be eligible for the Senior Bowl–where Shanahan and his staff are coaching the South squad–the Redskins still have their feelers out for any and all potential quarterback prospects. Because let’s face it, bringing back Rex Grossman has to be Shanny’s least-supported idea.

According to Charlie Campbell, who is covering the Senior Bowl live in Mobile, AL, the Redskins started recruiting efforts early.

The Washington Redskins held a long meeting with Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson on Sunday night. They spent more time with Wilson than a typical player interview, so that could indicate some interest on the Redskins part. Wilson would be a good fit in Mike Shanahan’s offense, and he could be targeted on the third day of the 2012 NFL Draft. Wilson’s lack of size (5-10, 203), was as advertised. It wouldn’t be surprising if Washington acquires a veteran quarterback while developing Wilson to see if he can overcome the lack of height through good grooming and coaching.

My originals thoughts of Russell Wilson were similar to that of Doug Flutie. Although very much undersized, Wilson is a very good passer and he can make plays with his feet. But you’d be lying if you said that his listed 5’10 height doesn’t concern you just a little bit.

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  1. Hustle for Russel!!! Is what I’ll be screaming during the draft. Giving up 5 potential starters for ONE person is absurd. Russell is a better passer than RG3. If he was 6’1″ he’d be Top Ten all day. Prolific passer in PRO style O. His lineman at Wisconsin are NFL size. Let’s hope we can trade down acquire more picks, fill holes, add depth and draft Russell Wilson before anyone else does. Keep his name and Washington off the record books. I don’t want anyone knowing about this prolonged interview.

  2. You bring up some really good points, Jegs.

    I’m concerned about his height — I can’t lie there. But I’m in love with everything else he has to offer as a quarterback.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. 109 passing TD, 30 INT, 23 rushing touchdowns. That’s a remarkable 132 TDs he’s responsible for, not to mention two receiving Touchdowns. His learning curve has yet to plateau as evidence in his progression every year with increasing numbers against tougher competition and decreasing turnovers. I can see why it’s easy to fall in love with numbers like that. My gawd Rex Grossman is capable of turning the ball over 20x in a season.

    Bootlegs were a big part of his success at Wisconsin and a big part of Mike Shanahan’s down field vertical offense. His short, medium and long range accuracy is deadly. There’s no question about Russell’s skills, leadership, or poise in the pocket. His only two losses came against last second drives. Kirk Cousin’s Hail Marry and clock management against Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

    Although not the prototypical height for an NFL QB there’s not one throw I haven’t seen him make. I’m sure New Orleans won’t mind taking a flyer on him mid-late rounds. Let’s hope Mike Shanahan is in love with Russell as much as we are and drafts this kid before anyone else does.

    Senior Bowl this week! Out of all the QB’s playing this week who do you think will shine the most or is that a silly question?

  4. If anyone has any concerns about his height, they need to look at the O-line he played behind this past season. The shortest player was Ricky Wagner, who stands at 6’4′, 330 lbs.’, and the tallest being Josh Oglesby at 6’7′, 330 lbs’. His center Peter Konz, was Peter Konz at 6’5″, 315 lbs. Your average height for an NFL Offensive lineman is 6″4 320Lbs. Given the fact that he was so successful playing behind an O-line as big as Wisconsin’s, there should be no concern about his height. All the scouting reports say the same thing, he’s too short for the NFL. How can that arugement possibly even be on the table when he played as well as he did behind the #4 O-line in the nation? Seems to me some scouts need to do a little more homework when it comes to scouting, just saying. As my friend Jegs has said…….HUSTLE FOR RUSSELL!!!!!!!!

  5. You’re spot-on, Jegs.

    So far, from the Senior Bowl, Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden appears to be the front-runner in terms of quarterback play. His age (29-year-old rookie) is the obvious concern regarding Weeden, but teams could appreciate his maturity and hope his learning curve isn’t as steep as others.

    Arizona’s Nick Foles measured in well and I think he’ll improve as the week goes on. I think teams will like his arm and size in the pocket.

    Russell Wilson, of course, is drawing some looks. And while I do agree that his size could be forgotten, I don’t think we’re quite there yet in terms of scouts’ reception.

    Finally, I heard a few good things about Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins in terms of the zip on his passes and accuracy.

    Hustle for Russell? I can get into that one.

  6. Point taken, Jared.

    In fact, after watching some practice footage from this week, I’m starting to draw a slightly better conclusion of Russell Wilson than before. And, being completely honest, I trust Mike Shanahan enough to believe that he shows interest in the right guys.


  7. I have like wilson ever since I seen him play his senior season. good mobility in the pocket and his rollout and throws he reminds me of elway when he scrambled in denver

  8. Thanks for the read, Robert.

    One of the best attributes of Wilson’s game is his mobility–whether it be on roll-outs, bootlegs or positioning himself in the pocket in order to compensate for his short build.

    I understand why Wilson is a project, but I am also understanding of why this guy is worth a mid-round gamble.

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