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Wizards: Andray Blatche Is Throwing His Pity Party, All Are Invited

Courtesy of Anwaa Kong

Michael Lee’s most recent column in the Washington Post referring to Andray Blatche’s contract extension with the Wizards a couple years ago was a good one. Not only an entertaining read, but the title–“Andray Blatche’s extension haunts him and the Wizards”–is undoubtedly true.

Amidst the content lies some pretty ammusing stuff. More specifically, a quote from Master Blatche himself.

Every time I touch the ball, I’m second-guessing. I’m trying to avoid the boos. Trying to play a perfect game so I don’t have to hear it so I can help my team win. It’s got to the point now where I come in and sub and the boos are coming. It’s not even a point of giving me a chance. I’m going to continue to try and work. Hopefully something will happen for me. I don’t know.

In no way was Lee looking to edge out the sympathy for Blatche. Hell, he made that clear in the title. But damn if Blatche isn’t looking for some supporters in light of his own pity party. And the saddest part about the whole thing? Blatche seemingly has no idea why people would boo him in the first place.

Perhaps someone should inform Mr. Blatche that, after seven years, Wizards fans may just want to open a season and see the 6’11 forward in shape. Maybe fans would rather get excited about the athleticism and potential of Blatche, rather than worrying about what program he’s going to get on in order to lose his gut and grow some biceps.

If Blatche were being booed in his third or fourth year–I could understand the cry for help. But after plenty of time to develop his game and mature off the court, Blatche has failed to take responsibility for his sloppy campaign as a professional athlete.

No one is asking Blatche for an apology–that would be ridiculous. But Blatche could have made things right a long time ago. As a repeat-offender of spending more time in DC clubs than the Wizards training facility, he’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to come to bat for him now.

Lee goes on to comment about how hard Ernie Grunfeld and the team is shopping Blatche…and to no avail. Can anyone be surprised that some other team isn’t willing to bring on some out-of-shape do-nothin’ with an ugly attitude?

Knowing our luck, Blatche will move on to another team and totally transform into what the Wizards had in mind when they drafted him out of high school. He’ll adopt a new attitude, get into shape and make his effort felt–all while accrediting it to the change of scenery.

And all that is fine and well for this Wizards fan. Regardless of how it results, Blatche has officially overstayed his welcome in Washington and I’m the last person to feel sorry for someone that has had every opportunity to become something special.


Comments on the well-captured photo (above) by Anwaa Kong…

– Nice hat, bro. Just like all the rest of the jerks.

– I used to give the camera the finger too…when I was in elementary school and thought I was a bad ass.

– Seriously, man. If you’re not going to hit the gym, at least curl your grocery bags on the way into the house.


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