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Jabar Gaffney’s Twitter Explosion, With Unnecessary Commentary

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 Perhaps it would have made more sense to write something of substance as the fiasco was fastly unfolding, but to be honest, I don’t think anyone knew what the hell was going on when Redskins wide receiver Jabar Gaffney participated in one of the most celebrated Twitter meltdowns by an athlete in quite some time.

According to Gaffney’s Twitter account, life isn’t necessarily dealing him a workable hand. From the sound of things, Gaffney may be going through a divorce and he repeatedly calls out a semi-mysterious “Lito”, who we all presume to be his cousin and current NFL cornerback, Lito Sheppard.

Here’s a look at Gaffney’s tweets from Thursday afternoon:

Lito Sheppard is the biggest pussy mf’er in the world if u c him tell him I said it & it’s whatever

Thanks for the confirmation, Jabar. The following Twitter explosion is in fact surrounding Lito Sheppard.

4-12 is my anniversary woke up and couldn’t find my soon 2 be ex wife anywhere. fuck dat bitch I can’t wait till its final in a few weeks

At this juncture, you kind of think to yourself, “Okay, Jabar. Not sure if this is true or not, but let’s keep it together.” No dice.

Feelings are for suckas Neva Eva again. Black heart dead soul!!! Get it how u live & I’m outta here

So that one is doable. Somewhat poetic, actually.

My beef wit Lito don’t got nothing to do bout a girl he just a person I don’t fuck wit he lame to me so don’t hit me up wit that. #Realtalk

Minus the f-word, this is a likeable tweet for a Redskins fan. Sheppard is a former Eagle–we don’t like him either. #RealTalk of course.

Ain’t nobody fucked my wife but for anybody saying any slick shit better watch ur girl and not let me get hold to her

Welp, that didn’t last long. Now we’re back to ring bouts and apparently Jabar is coming after your girl. This can’t be good.

Last tweet: bitches ain’t grateful no matter what u do for em. Homeboys will change on u. I keeps it 100 don’t read into that’s all it is.

For a second I was going to consider this an urban proverb, but I quickly realized how off I was.

 I’m done tweetin all u smart asses i be in da 904, 407 & 703 tell me what u think if and when u c me

I don’t know where 904 and 407 are located, but at least it’s over. (curtains close) *crowd applauds* (thrown roses cover center stage)

By Thursday night, Gaffney’s Twitter account was deleted. Yet another athlete’s social media platform down the tubes after a profanity-laced virtual tirade. However, before closing his account for good, Gaffney did his best to explain the situation.

And, as you may have guessed, Gaffney used the ol’ “someone hacked my account” excuse. In my opinion, Gaffney’s explanation tweets take away from the suspense of the story. You can be the judge of that, here.



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