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Live Coverage: Redskins Roster Cuts to 53

Courtesy of Toni Sandys

Tonight at 9:00 PM marks the deadline for all NFL teams to trim their roster to the final 53.

Stay tuned with updated cuts Redskins roster moves. All posted here as they become available.

Last Update: Sept 1 at 8:00 AM

Rumors from today indicate that the Redskins and Dolphins are in trade discussions that would result in Washington wide receiver Anthony Armstrong being sent to Miami in exchange for running back Steve Slaton. Nothing confirmed. Simply run of the rumor mill.

All being reported as released, “will be released.” Trades are possible for guys with value before 9 PM.

With that in mind, the following players have been released:

QB Jonathan Crompton — With two rookies and Grossman onboard, chances were slimmer than slim.

DB Travon Bellamy — Not a great shot this season. Followed by weak PSwk4 outing.

OL Erik Cook — May end up back on the practice squad. Or not.

RB Tristan Davis — Shanahan has his four RBs before considering Davis.

OT Willie Smith — Never appeared to be the same after getting steamrolled in practice this summer.

DL Doug Worthington — Showed good power in PS4. Could see PS signee.

OL Grant Garner – UDFA, which now makes three cuts along the offensive line so far.

LB Bryan Kehl — Slight surprise, here. Shows faith in rookie Keenan Robinson.

OL Tom Compton – Still like the rook’s upside. Hope he’s on the PS.

DL Delvin Johnson – UDFA, tough task along stacked front line.

WR Terrence Austin — One of my faves on the team. Man-crush I suppose. Tough break this summer.

LB DJ Holt — No surprise here.

CB Brandyn Thompson — Likely came down to ST contribution and Thompson isn’t it.

DL Marlon Favorite — Signed two weeks ago. Not a favorite to make the team. Pun intended.

LB Brian McNally — Small school guy. Liked him, but didn’t expect him to make it.

CB David Jones — Somewhat odd after release of Thompson. Jones played well on special teams.

RB Tim Hightower — Takes the cake as biggest camp surprise. Most certainly health-related.

DB Tanard Jackson – Another positive drug test could mean banishment from the league. No excuses.

TE Richard Quinn – Blocking tight end doesn’t beat out Paul or Paulsen

WR Anthony Armstrong – Talks of a trade, but didnt pan out.

FB Dorson Boyce – Injury and Darrel Young.

DL Darrion Scott – Wouldn’t have beat out Worthington either.


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