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TSR Volume 9: Chad’s Release, College Football Uniforms, and Baltimore’s Carne Cabeza

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Five weeks ago, when NFL star Chad Ochocinco married reality tv personality Evelyn Lozada, I feared the worst. As an admitted gossip junkie and proponent of the 12th-year veteran receiver, it didn’t seem like he needed any more drama than the amount he regularly brought on himself. He then changed his name back to his given ‘Chad Johnson’ and entered his first training camp with the Miami Dolphins.

Although very outspoken and generally animated, Johnson has never been known to be a bad guy. His touchdown celebrations, publicity antics and overall crave for the limelight may come off as annoying to some, but it’s never done with bad intentions. Argue all you want that Johnson isn’t a good fit for your specific team. But forget those that say Chad Johnson is bad for the game. They’re simply not any fun.

Over the weekend, Johnson was arrested and charged with domestic battery — a misdemeanor. According to reports, Lozada found a receipt in Johnson’s trunk for purchased condoms. Apparently an argument ensued and Lozada claimed that Johnson headbutt her. Johnson, on the other hand, claims they simply bumped skulls.

While I place more credibility in Johnson than I do the former VH1 Basketball Wives actress (because that’s what they are — no-talent soap opera actresses), I’ll hold off on making any claims either way.

With a new coach in Miami, Johnson’s leash was a short one. Despite being arguably the Dolphins’ best receiver in camp, Joe Philbin wasted no time showing Johnson the door. And you can’t blame him. As a rookie head coach with (likely) a rookie quarterback leading a team that is looking to rebound, the last thing you need is negative attention in your locker room — whether the reports ring true or not.

Who knows what happens to Johnson at this point. Although this is the only arrest of his entire NFL career, Johnson is 34 and one year removed from a 16-catch season in New England.

Assuming most teams will be standoffish, I do believe Johnson can contribute this season. Miami seemed like a great fit in terms of where the team was — both talent-wise and geographically — but two rookies (coach and QB) running the show are far from ideal.

Too bad, Chad. Time to kiss the baby in Miami.


Courtesy of Jakob Engelke

Remember when Maryland hired Randy Edsall last summer to become the Terps head football coach?

And remember when he acted as if College Park was West Point?

Or when Terp Nation sat back and watched more than two dozen football players transfer rather than play for Edsall?

Well, it appears that Edsall may be coming to grips. Sure, discipline and respect are required and necessary teachings of a football coach, but if these players wanted to play for a service academy, they would’ve went to Navy.

( Note: I have absolutely no insider information regarding the transfers, Edsall’s style/attitude or how the new players take to his coaching. What I do know is that one of the top recruits in the nation, Stefon Diggs, is a Terp. And that’s more than a good thing. I don’t dislike Edsall, as I am willing to give him time — as a fan — to work things out and make his footprint. )

Last season, Maryland introduced new Under Armor uniforms that did a whole lot more for the program than their 2-10 record. With the introduction of about ten different color schemes and design combinations, Edsall ordered that the player’s last names be removed from the back of the jersey. Edsall explained that the school and program was all about tradition and school pride, and that individual names didn’t matter.

In the end — like all of us yelled when the announcement was made — the name on the back of a college jersey does matter. College football players are young men looking to make a name for themselves, while a majority of them chase their dream of playing in the NFL.

I understand the goal of establishing school pride and team unity, but neither relies solely on the names on the jersey.

As Dan Steinberg mentions, the Univeristy of Maryland was the nation’s first football program to put names on the backs of jerseys in the fall of 1961. How’s that for school pride and tradition?

Again this year, the Terps will undergo a few uniform changes — ditching some old designs and adding a couple new ones. From my understanding, most of the new uniforms (aside from the actual pride jerseys) will include player’s last names on the back.

Thanks for admitting you were wrong, Randy.


Courtesy of LostLettermen

While on the topic of college football, it’d be criminal not to call-out a conference rival.According to Lost Lettermen, the Virginia Tech Hokies will wear special uniforms on September 8 as part of their 2012 White Effect game.

I’m not entirely sure what the rest of the uniform looks like (I’ll betcha’ it’s white), but the helmets are a bit cartoonish. And certainly laughable. While ‘Hokies’ aren’t exactly terrible mascots, the helmets make it appear as if Tech is more accurately described as a coop of chickens.

Fortunately for the Fighting Gobblers (as they’ve often been referred to since the early 20th century), they’re scheduled to play Austin Peay in Blacksburg.

At least they don’t have to worry about being embarrassed in a loss with chicken feet on their heads. Instead, Austin Peay will face embarrassment when they’re routed by Virginia Tech.




‘Free Hugs’

It may be the Washington Nationals that tote the best record in baseball, but it’s the surviving Baltimore Orioles down the beltway that are drawing the best fans.Not that I’m one to judge, but when you get an overweight white guy that doesn’t look like he’s seen the sun in years, dressed as some sort of competitor from the Mexican Wrestling Federation, his commitment and dedication deserves some praise.

Such is the case for the now-popular Carne Cabeza. The DC Sports Bog has much of the story here, with some good photos to go along with it.

The Orioles are in the hunt for an American League wildcard berth, but the path won’t be easy. The Detroit Tigers, Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox, Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Angels will all make runs of their own.

The addition of August call-up Manny Machado was a move made to help the O’s down the stretch and improve their average at the plate. The emergence of Carne Cabeza was a gift from the baseball gods that Baltimore has no choice but to embrace and use for playoff guidance.

Images by @Pangwin, @BMOREBrian, @aleveillee and @mathewbrown, via the DC Sports Bog.


To wrap up, I was glad to hear that Dwight Howard was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Not necessarily for the purpose of being able to witness league dominance in 2013, but because I was tired of hearing the drama.

Howard’s best possible landing spot was Los Angeles and the Lakers front office expressed their everlasting dedication to winning now. At all costs.

As I mentioned in the last edition of TSR, there are NBA Championships to be had in Los Angeles and Howard is a firm piece of the puzzle.

The Lakers were also able to somehow retain Pau Gasol, meaning that they remain on the league’s most wanted list as a front office that commonly and consistently walks away with the better end of the deal.


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