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Former Wizards Forward Andray Blatche Provides All Kinds of Interview Entertainment

Courtesy of Jonathan Newton / Washington Post

Following the Washington Wizards’ 12th straight loss to start the season off winless and ugly, Brooklyn Nets forward Andray Blatche took a few shots at his former team — one by way of a postgame presser and two others via Twitter.

“Anybody seen how the Wizards are doing?” Blatche asked reporters in the Brooklyn locker room. “I wonder if its my fault still lol,” Blatche wrote. Then followed by, “Feels good to be part of a winning organization.”

As a respectable human being, you don’t want to laugh. Your mother always taught you not to point and laugh at someone just because they weren’t smart. But then you look back as a Wizards fan and realize that Blatche spent seven seasons in Washington and looked stupid for all of them.

You can also remember that Blatche stroked your team for more than $30 million in that time period, and while it wasn’t Blatche that actually wrote the check, he’s still receiving payment from a team that you root for dearly and are more than bitter about.

Ultimately, none of this is Blatche’s fault. Sure, the embarrassing interview didn’t help him. But hookers in DC at the age of 20 and poor work ethic out of one guy isn’t the reason the Wizards are a terrible basketball franchise. The entire organization is crap.

Not to mention, since using the amnesty clause and moving on from Blatche last summer, the Wizards have actually gotten worse.

But now on to the entertaining stuff. To listen to Blatche’s interview with Danny Rouhier and Holden Kushner on DC’s 106.7 The Fan in its entirety, click this link and find the audio clip.

For some bright (?) spots without listening, here are some excerpts from the interview with unnecessary and tasteless comments from yours truly.


When the booing started, things just got worse and worse.

In sports, fans start to boo you when you’re not good. In fact, you can even suck and still not get booed. Working hard and being a good teammate dampens that booing…a lot.

I’m talking more about the booing and the ignorance of the fans and media who didn’t have my back.

My blog is entirely too irrelevant to be considered media, but I’m definitely a Wizards fan. And we had no reason to have your back. At all.

I don’t like how he [Grunfeld] didn’t have my back.

Because a $30 million extension is just, kinda, meh.

That’s what really made me mad – those rumors – they were just trying to end me. For them to say, ‘Oh, he’s a bad teammate. He’s a cancer in the locker room.’ All that is a bunch of lies.’

Let’s just say you weren’t the veteran presence the Wizards were looking for. I mean, are you seriously going to argue your leadership role?

I will take full blame, 100% blame, for not being in shape.

As you should. At the end of the day, it wasn’t us fans or the media that was force feeding you Hot Pockets and Twinkies.

That was a joke gone bad.

Blatche is referring to his soliciting a prostitute in DC — something that happened when he was 20 years old. I’m not beating him up for this. We’ve all seen The Hangover and thought of it as a documentary of our own life. Right?

That wasn’t me, it was a friend.

Here, Blatche is referring to the accusation that he challenged a fan to a fight. But even if it was a friend, stop hanging out with morons. You make enough money to buy intelligent ones if need be.


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