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TSR Volume 10: John Goodman Rocks, Lawson Gets Paid, and London is Falling


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Following three days of wicked ruining by super storm Sandy, getting back to the normal swing of things isn’t easy. And that’s coming from a guy that experienced nothing more than a few cable interruptions. Our thoughts are with those that experienced and continue to deal with the devestating aftermath of mother nature’s latest blow.


I won’t say there aren’t bigger fans out there, but I was pretty pumped for the Washington Wizards season opener in Cleveland on Tuesday. Not only did it mark the start of NBA action, but my beloved Bullets were taking the court with a fresh new lineup. Despite not having arguably their best two players in John Wall and Nene, I couldn’t help but be excited about new additions Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza, and rookie Bradley Beal.

My excitement wouldn’t last long. After watching forward Trevor Booker and his offensive game — which replicated that of a deer in headlights — I decided to skip the second half and head to the theatre for the new Ben Affleck thriller, Argo.

By the time I got home, I saw the Wizards had lost the game by ten. I also saw that Kyrie Irving dropped 29 points and Anderson Varejao pulled in 23 rebounds. Twenty three rebounds! In fact, with his nine points and nine assists, Varejao damn near pulled a triple-double. And not to pick on Booker, but I checked out his stat line too. In just under 17 minutes of floor time, Booker was 2-for-9 with four points, one rebound, and four fouls. Yeesh.

And for those interested, Argo was awesome. The film is a dramatization of the secret operation to rescue six American diplomatic personnel from a revolutionary Iran in 1980. Ben Affleck, once again, kills it as a director/actor in the film and the cast is jolted with incredible performances by John Goodman ( a personal favorite ), Alan Arkin, and Bryan Cranston ( better known as Walter White in the AMC series Breaking Bad ).

Needless to say, Argo and its supporting cast were/are much better than the Wizards and their supporting cast.


Halloween is cool and all, but I obviously don’t get the same enjoyment from it that I once did. Simply put, an adult stranger trolling with children and going door-to-door in search of candy just doesn’t work in modern day America.

But did I let that get me down? No way! Halloween was plenty enjoyable. Especially after hearing that hometown Maryland native Ty Lawson signed a contract extension with the Denver Nuggets worth $48 million big ones!

As much as I’d love for every hometown favorite to stay and play with the Washington Wizards, I understand that it’s not possible. Instead, I root for these guys from a far and commend them on jobs well done and massive paychecks.

Unfortunately Lawson’s “massive” paycheck was quickly trumped after the report that Walt Disney Co. agreed to purchase George Lucas’ LucasFilm Ltd. for $4.05 BILLION.

George Lucas, best known for his Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise series, will receive half of the sale price in cash and the rest in stock. And either way you look at it, really doesn’t matter. Lucas is 68 years old and probably can’t even begin to think of how he’s going to spend two billion dollars in the next 20 years. Unless, of course, he’s some sort of immortal ewok. Which is kind of believable.

Slide over Mr. Lawson. Make room for George Lucas and his podracers full of coin.


Redskins linebacker and all-around football warrior London Fletcher has seen better days. At the ripe age of 37 in his first year of a two-year contract he signed back in April, Fletcher has shown true signs of wear this season for maybe the first time in his amazing 14-year career.

Following an early exit from the Giants game a couple weeks ago due to a sore hamstring, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan also mentioned that Fletcher was having issues with his balance. And for anyone familiar with a condition such as vertigo, this is very serious stuff for a man approaching 40 years old.

As a diehard Redskins fan and lasting fan of Fletcher, I want him to play forever. Already thinking of him as the ageless wonder, the selfish football fan inside of me wants London Fletcher to play the game forever and never take off the Redskins uniform that he’s worn for the past six seasons.

Then the rational thinking comes in — understanding that there’s life for these guys after football.

And whether you want to blame his age, injuries, or a rough start to the season, Fletcher’s stats are telling. Through eight games, Fletcher leads all inside linebackers with 14 missed tackles. He has been targeted 50 times in coverage and has allowed 35 receptions for 396 yards and four touchdowns.

There’s no telling what next year could bring for Fletcher at the age of 38. Could the cliff be even steeper than we’ve seen so far through half the season? Can anyone convince themselves that Fletch willimprovewith age?

In the scenario of a release, the Redskins would be responsible for just under $2 million in bonus cash to Fletcher in 2013.


Although I can’t provide you with a link, I’m sure you’ve seen the garbage floating around the internet entertaining the idea that the Alabama Crimson Tide would defeat the NFL’s worst team, which at this point is the Carolina Panthers.

When it comes to this sort of discussion, in any sport, please shut up.

Alabama wouldn’t beat Carolina’s second string roster. They also wouldn’t beat the Jacksonville Jaguars or Kansas City Chiefs. And while we’re at it, that Kentucky Wildcats team from a couple years ago wouldn’t have defeated the then-New Jersey Nets.

There’s an immense difference between collegiate and professional sports.


After losing another quarterback to a torn ACL, the Maryland Terrapins will start a linebacker at quarterback this Saturday.

That is all.


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