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3 Redskins Make 2013 NFL Pro Bowl Roster

Courtesy of Pro Football Zone

For all those people that believe the NFL preseason is pointless, you’ve obviously no clue about the Pro Bowl — that game in Hawaii following the regular season ( but before the Super Bowl ) that cuddles in the bowels of meaningless football.

Honestly, pinned between choices of a pee wee scrimmage up the road or the NFL Pro Bowl, I’m taking the little league game and hoping to catch severe stomach pains after ingesting too many tacos from a local food truck. The Pro Bowl is THAT insignificant.

But, despite all its worthlessness, you and I and more people like us are entertained to hear the Pro Bowl roster every year. And there’s really no rhyme or reason behind that demand either. I think we just like to see which of our favorite players were snubbed and then take to social media to express our frustration.

Either way, the Redskins are sending, like, 3.5 players to Hawaii at the end of next month.

Joining rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is left tackle Trent Williams and linebacker/special teamer Lorenzo Alexander. Ageless linebacker London Fletcher and rookie running back Alfred Morris will serve as alternates.

Why wouldn’t the league’s fourth-leading rusher ( 1,413 yards ) make the Pro Bowl, you may ask? Well, because Frank Gore trailed the rookie Morris in every statistical rushing category ( attempts, yards, average yards per game and touchdowns ) of course. Because that makes sense, right? Or maybe because Gore had more receptions out of the backfield for more yards? Whatever.

As for Fletcher, as much as I love the guy, I’m leaving the soap box in the closet for this one. Fletcher is so valuable to this Redskins team, whether it be on the field performance or off the field leadership, but I wouldn’t be able to put him above a guy like Patrick Willis or Novorro Bowman in San Francisco.

And amongst the blasphemy of the selection process, everyone got it right with Trent Williams. Despite not being healthy for a majority of the season, the Silverback has toughed through the pain and solidified himself as one of the better left tackles in football. His athleticism is perfect in this scheme and his development as a leader in the locker room has been very impressive. After earning himself a suspension last season for positive drug tests, Williams promised that he’d change his ways and, man, has he delivered.

Finally, Robert Griffin III is more than deserving of the selection. If the rookie isn’t a “Pro Bowler”, then the label is obviously undefined. Griffin has changed a city, a franchise and a football team. His on-field talents are changing the game and his persona off the field make him one of the most marketable athletes in all of sports. Oh, and the Redskins could very well win the NFC East this Sunday after starting the season 3-6.

Without question, you’ll hear a lot of criticism regarding RG3 and his trip to the islands. Some will be heavy Andrew Luck endorsers, while others will attribute Griffin’s “early” success to Mike Shanahan and the offense. So, yeah, whatever that means, be prepared.

If you’re at all interested in watching the Pro Bowl, which you shouldn’t be, I believe it takes place January 27. But instead of watching some large man in a Hawaiian shirt use annoying onomatopoeia to broadcast meaningless football, perhaps you’d be more interested in Full House re-runs on ABC Family.


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