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Redskins RB Alfred Morris Has Too Many Good Nicknames To Choose From

Courtesy of KFFL

Despite being ranked third in the NFL in rushing yards, fifth in carries, eighth in average yards per carry, third in rushing yards per game, and fifth in rushing touchdowns, Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris remains the best player at his position that no one’s ever heard of.

Although the highlights of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have casted a sizeable shadow over the rookie from Florida Atlantic University, Alfred Morris has created plenty of excitement amongst Redskins Nation. Well beyond enough to earn him a top-flight nickname.

But with all the creativity and cleverness, how is one expected to decide?

Below are ten-ish different names that I’ve heard fans use when referring to Morris. Others I’ve used my tiny brain to come up with myself.

Dig in. Then weigh in. Lemme know what you think.

Alfred Morris — This is isn’t really a nickname at all. It’s Morris’ government name. It’s not flashy, but it’s what I find myself using most often. At least until now.

The name Alfred is likely of English decent…or something like that. Any way you look at it, Alfred Morris is a pretty bad ass name. It’s like James Bond — an average sounding name with a whole lotta attitude and sophistication.  And without it, we wouldn’t be able to form half the nicknames we’ve come up with for the Pensacola native.

ALF, circa 1989

Alf — This one is fun for obvious reasons. Not only are the letters A-L-F the same first three letters in Morris’ first name, but the name Alf also refers to a science fiction character from an NBC sitcom that aired from about 1986 to 1990.

What makes the name so fitting isn’t that Morris looks like the Alf character himself. Oh, no. Morris is a strapping young man that dons the finest colors in all of sports, while the Alf character is some Snuffleupagus breed of creature with a furry comb-over hair style. Instead, the character Alf has a real name — Gordon Shumway. The name ALF is actually an acronym standing for Alien Life Form.

See what I’m getting at here?

Given Morris’ stats through just 12 professional games, I don’t know if anyone would argue that Morris isn’t some sort of extraterrestrial running back himself.

This name fits pretty well.

FroMo — Although I’m not 100 percent on this, I believe the nickname FroMo was originated by fellow Redskins enthusiast, Burgundy Blog. If someone believes otherwise, please don’t take offense. Regardless of where it came from, I saw BB use it first.

This is one of those handles that develops by way of swagger and how easily it rolls off the tongue. Some other athletes with similar flowing nicknames are T-Mac (Tracy McGrady), A-Rod (Aaron Rodgers, because screw Alex Rodriguez), and MoJo (Maurice Jones-Drew). These are the names where you may not yell them at the television screen when said player fumbles or misses a shot, but it’s how you refer to them when discussing trades with your fantasy league counterparts.

FroMo is fun and it encompasses both Morris’ first and last name.

The Shadow

The Shadow — This is somewhat of a new breed nickname for Morris. And while I do find it clever, I don’t think it’s one that sticks.Personally, when I hear ‘The Shadow’, I can’t help but think about that terrible Alec Baldwin film from 1994 of the same name in which Baldwin played Lamont Cranston / The Shadow.

It was bad. Don’t watch it. Present day Alec Baldwin is way better.

Anyway, The Shadow somewhat originated for Morris after he was asked about his quarterback Robert Griffin III and all the spotlight he receives.

“It’s a good thing for me,” Morris replied. “Because I really don’t like the limelight. People feel like I’m in the shadow — I don’t feel like I’m in the shadow.”

Oh, but you are Alfred Morris. You’re very deceivingly placed in the shadows and opposing defenses have no idea what’s coming for them.

A-Train — Considering his style and the aggression in which he runs, referring to Morris as A-Train is really quite fitting. The young man lives for contact and he explodes into tacklers with a sense of revenge for only (Football) God knows what.

I would personally embrace the A-Train name, as it does ring true and it has that sort of FroMo flow. However, my one gripe is that short-lived Chicago Bears running back Anthony Thomas donned the same name when he entered the league years ago coming out of Michigan. Don’t ask me why, but I haven’t been able to get Anthony Thomas or his nickname out of my head ever since.

I won’t go as far to say that A-Train is too generic, but let’s admit that it could easily work for any running back whose first name starts with an ‘A’.

The Fo-Six Impala – This is my personal favorite.

1964 Impala

After reading the same AP article as mentioned above, I paid close attention to Morris’ fascination with classic cars and his dreams to one day own a 1964 Chevy Impala.

“I’m going to get one, one of these days,” Morris said. “I want to build my ’64 Impala from the ground up.”

If you’ve never seen a ’64 Impala, they’re comparable to a boat on wheels. They’re big, they’re powerful, and they present an aggressive, yet smooth, attitude — all very accurate details when describing Alfred Morris and his phenomenal rookie season thus far.

At first I thought just ‘The Impala’ would do. But adding ‘Fo-Six’ works to incorporate two additional fun pieces. One being a reference to 4-6 (Morris’ jersey number) and two, pronouncing the four as ‘Fo’ to incorporate a little bit of Morris’ first name and a little of Morris’ last name.

Regardless of how much you like or dislike this name, Alfred Morris will always be a Fo-Six Impala in my heart.

At least a little bit.

Natty Mo – A unique combination of Morris’ last name and his raw, natural skill set on the football field.

You get it, right? Robert Redford, 1984, The Natural, he’s really good. It’s baseball, but whatever. Morris also has a touchdown celebration where he imitates cracking a homerun with a baseball bat. It all works.

I also like this name because it reminds me of Natty Boh. Although Natural Bohemian Beer was originally brewed in Baltimore, it’s a local beer that I’ve enjoyed since my days as a young lad raiding stranger’s refridgerators. It’s cheap, it used to be local (now owned by Pabst), and it’s delicious.

Technically, Morris is all of those things too.

After being drafted in the sixth round, Morris plays for the Redskins at a low salary and has proved his value tenfold.

Although originally from Florida, Morris is a local now by way of the Washington Redskins.

And, as far as being delicious, well, you can take that and run it with it I guess. If football were a food group, Alfred Morris would be a Hungry Man TV dinner.

Mo Diesel — I love this name particularly for the historical praise of one of the greatest Redskins to ever wear the burgundy and gold — John Riggins. Better known as The Diesel, Riggins spent the better part of his career with the Redskins and made the “70 Chip” a part of franchise and NFL history.

I also enjoy the Mo Diesel title because it sounds like Morris may also moonlight as a hype man alongside Rick Ross or some other present day rapper from the South.

“And now, please welcome my main man to the stage, from the mean streets of Pen-Sa-Colaaaaaa, MO DIESELLLLL!”

Trey Dueces — I guess this is Morris’ current nickname based on the fact that it’s his current Twitter handle. And while I can’t confirm the assumption, I’d say that Trey Dueces refers to Morris’ old college jersey number at FAU, No. 32.

While I do enjoy this name for the Redskins’ tank with legs, I like it best as a name in social media rather than a nickname on the field. When I watch Morris bowl through a guy and then carry two additional defenders for five yards and a first down, I want something a little more appropriate than Trey Dueces.

On the other hand, if Morris and I were to be playing on the same basketball court, perhaps then referring to him as Trey Dueces would sound a little better. To me it just sounds like more of a basketball name than a football alias.

Courtesy of Redskins Blog

Bentley — Last, but certainly not least, the nickname Bentley may come to you a bit out of left field.For those that don’t know, Morris refers to his 1991 Mazda 626 sedan as his Bentley. In turn, referring to Morris himself as a Bentley isn’t all that bad of an idea.Much like his Mazda, Morris is the most valuable car in the lot. He may not look flashy, but second guess him and he’ll leave you stunned. He’s reliable, more than able to carry the load, and appears to have been doing this whole football thing since, I dunno, 1991.

Morris is a roaring Bentley Continental GT Speed coupe with a disguising shell that combines to make him one helluva mismatch for opposing defenses. And innocent pedestrians.


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