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Redskins: Robert Griffin III Knee Injury “Scared the Sh*t” Out of Him

Courtesy of ESPN

If you caught the latest installment of “Sound FX” on NFL Network last night, then you’ve probably already heard this. But for those that didn’t, Redskins left tackle Trent Williams was mic’d for the wildcard game against the Seattle Seahawks last week and there’s now audio recordings of a quick conversation between Williams and Robert Griffin III following the quarterback’s knee injury on the team’s second scoring drive of the first quarter.

Unless you’ve been living off the grid for the past four days, the attention and criticism surrounding Griffin’s play, injury and surgery has been insane. And in order to keep things loud and obnoxious, I even posted some of my own thoughts on the whole bit.

The convo between tackle and quarterback went like this:

Williams: Are you sure you’re all right, bro?

Griffin: Yeah, I’m going to be safe.

Williams: You tweaked it when you were trying to back up?

Griffin: Yeah, my foot kind of went wah-wah.

Williams: Did that shock you a little bit?

Griffin Yeah, scared the shit out of me (laughs).

Williams: All right, be smart.

Griffin: I will. I promise.

Not calling Griffin a liar, but, man, was that promise broken or what?

As mentioned in previous postings on the site, I don’t necessarily blame Griffin for staying in the game, the Redskins’ loss or the injury itself. But if an injury-related issue that happened on the field “scared the shit out of you”, don’t you think it’d be a good idea to get it checked out thoroughly?


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