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Allen Robinson (Penn State)

Allen Robinson

Height: 6’3″
Weight: 210
40 Time:

Projected Draft Position: 2nd – Early 3rd

Allen Robinson came on strong as a sophomore in 2012 when he started all 12 games and hauled in 77 catches for 1,018 yards and 11 touchdowns on his way to earning first-team All-B10 honors. Robinson was once again named first-team All-B10 as a junior last season after pulling in 97 catches for 1,432 yards and six scores. Robinson posted seven games with more than 100 yards receiving, including four with more than 130 yards. He also pulled in a catch of at least 40 yards in eight games, helping to push his average on the season to nearly 15 yards per catch.


+ Good build – proportionate with relative strength
+ Deceiving speed
+ Great body control – can juke, bend and move
+ Good short area quickness
– Doesn’t always play as tall as 6’3″

Route Running

+ Can run a full route tree
+ Efficient slant pattern
+ Threatening on screens due to YACability
+ Reliable on the sidelines, crashing back to QB when play breaks down
+ Retains speed in and out of breaks
+ Patient feet – can bait defenders with his footwork in routes
+ Good lateral explosiveness
+ Good feet and active hands help to beat press coverage
– Despite height, not that threatening of a RZ target


+ Contests tough throws
+ Fights for possession
+ Good use of his body with the ball in the air
+ Tracks the ball well, sees it into his hands
+ Automatic on short passes
+/- Can make some ‘wow’ catches downfield, but not sold on consistency

Running/Return Ability

+ YACability is his bread & butter
+ Superb field vision with ball in his hands
+ An ace at setting up blocks and getting the most out of a run
+ Good short area burst
+ Deceiving speed – can catch a DB napping and torch a secondary
+ Similar to Pierre Garcon in terms of style of play
+ Can take a short pass and make it a homerun (see: screenshots)


+ Had career highs in catches and yardage under Bill O’Brien last season
+ Above-average blocker
+ Just 20 years old
+ Good motor, doesn’t stop working
+ Highly productive with his touches
– Upside? Untapped potential?

Final Say

When it comes to draftniks by way the tweet machine, the verdict on Allen Robinson appears split. Some love him, others hate him. I find myself somewhere in the middle.

I find it a bit disappointing that Robinson doesn’t play to his 6’3″ height, but that’s not his style. Robinson is a guy that makes defenses pay by way of his unique ability to earn yards after the catch. His short area quickness and nose for the endzone make Robinson a threat whenever he touches the ball, and his above-average route running will be one of his more attractive assets heading into the draft.

Here we take a look at a prime example of Robinson’s YACability and big play potential.

Allen Robinson IIn a game that’s clearly out of reach, Robinson receives a screen pass (which was a frequent play for him last season). Typically, Robinson demonstrates the footwork and field vision to plunge ahead and pick up the first down.

However, in this situation, the Ohio State defense does a good job of swarming the football, seemingly cornering Robinson and having him dead to rights.

Allen Robinson IIIt’s not generally a good idea to do so, but Robinson elects to reverse field in order to try and make a play. And when you’re team is trailing by more than 50 midway through the fourth quarter, it’s unlikely your coach will get after you for trying to save some face.

Just from this shot, you can see there are nine Buckeye defenders all in what appear to be position to stop Robinson as he makes the decision to cut back down the line of scrimmage.

Allen Robinson IIIAfter reversing field and finding daylight on the opposite side, Robinson easily picks up the first down and has plenty of room to extend the play. In many situations, a ball carrier in Robinson’s position would continue to book it down the sideline, preparing to run past the angled defenders (highlighted in orange).

Robinson, however, possesses great vision and understands how to set up blocks. He sees an ally to the right and knows he has the defense behind him off balance. Instead of continuing down the sideline, Robinson opts to flip sides yet again, maintaining his speed and keeping focus on the endzone.

Allen Robinson IVRobinson finds himself in another footrace on the other side of the field, but this time he’s in a much better position, given the distance. He’s able to maintain his speed despite changing direction and wins the 20-yard footrace to cap an impressive and entertaining score.

Although not every play is something as wild as this one, Robinson is a playmaker with the ball in his hands. While he has the ability to turn on the burners and catch a secondary napping, Robinson’s going to earn his paycheck picking up the short stuff and churning out yards after the catch.


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