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Russell Westbrook Continuing to Prove He’s a Mutant

Count the dribbles it takes to get from one end of the floor to the other.

Russell Westbrook is more than likely not human.

Also, the mutant accounted for 40 percent of the Thunder’s points, 30 percent of their rebounds, and 53 percent of their assists in a 123-118 overtime victory against the Sixers on a wild Wednesday night in the NBA.

Shoot It DeAndre! and Chris Paul’s Hilarious Freak Out

A sad story really.

In a tie game between the Clippers and Blazers with just under three seconds to go, Los Angeles stud muffin Chris Paul makes a great drive to the basket and shoots a shot that barely rims out. The giant of a man DeAndre Jordan comes down with a rebound, seemingly in perfect position to score the game-winning shot from about two inches away before the final buzzer.

But instead…

In Jordan’s defense, there was a buzzer that sounded, but it was the shot clock (you silly goose!)a. The game would then go into overtime thanks to Jordan’s blunder, and the Clippers ultimately lost 98-93.

And CP3 was for real freakin’ out too. And that ref in the background — yeesh. It looked like he was witnessing a slow-motion car wreck.

Shake it off, DJ.

  1. When the ball was inbounded, there were 1.7 seconds on the shot clock, and 2.8 seconds left on the game clock.  (back)

Otto Porter Appears Frozen, Wizards Lose Another

Hey! Don’t look now, but the Wizards are melting!

They’ve lost 12 of their last 15 games and have slipped to fifth in the East, with Milwaukee nipping at their heels.

Also, in their 97-92 loss to the Bulls (who were without Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, AND Taj Gibson) on Tuesday, Otto Porter appeared to be growing roots as a result of severe wandering eye before eventually coming out of his mid-game trip and realizing he’s playing a basketball game.

The Wizards host Miami on Friday.

Jamal Crawford Shakes Patty Mills to One Knee

Before Thursday night’s game between the Clippers and Spurs, Los Angeles guard Jamal Crawford was hearing his name mentioned amidst trade rumors. But then the deadline came and went, the Clippers had a game to play, and Crawford did what he does best — which in this case means breaking down Patty Mills to one knee with some quick and springy handles — en route to 26 points and a 119-115 LA victory.

Odell Beckham Jr. Can Do Everything, Including Viciously Dunk

Just when we thought Odell Beckham Jr. was really really good at footballa, he goes and throws down an insane dunk like this, which may be all the proof we need that he’s a mutant.

Proposition for the leagues: for three consecutive weeks of the NFL season, the NBA allows for LeBron James to line up at wide receiver for the Browns. In exchange, OBJ is allowed to participate in the NBA Dunk Contest.

  1. …because he is really really good at football.  (back)

WARNING: Don’t Leave Russell Westbrook Hangin’

Not sure if Jeremy Lamb thought he was being funny or cute, but it’s safe to assume Russell Westbrook wasn’t thinking either of those things when he was left hangin’ on his way to the Oklahoma City Thunder bench.

Arguably one of the most intimidating stare downs of note.

Also, we’ve checked on Jeremy Lamb. He’s alive and doing well.

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