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Eagles Trade McCoy to Bills, and its Impact on the Redskins

c/o of Nick Wass / AP

c/o of Nick Wass / AP

According to sources, the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a trade that will send running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso.

The trade cannot be made official until the new league year begins next Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.

A few thoughts as it pertains to the Washington Redskins moving forward:

— I have no idea if trading McCoy is more or less suggestive of a plan for Philadelphia to trade up come draft time in order to land Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. However, if I were a gambling man, my money would be on the “more suggestive” side. Reason being, the Eagles don’t necessarily need cap room to sign draft picks, but they do need cap room to sign free agents, and they would require those free agents if they were planning to trade a decent stack of their draft choices in order to move up.

— The only trouble with that idea, however, is that it would’ve made sense (I think?) to make McCoy a part of a package deal (along with draft picks) to serve as the ammo to move up prior to the draft.

— As an added byline, I know there are fears of a division foe landing a very good player and then torturing the others for years to come (see: Tom Brady and Pats ruling the AFC East forever and ever), but that fear doesn’t seem to hit me when we talk about Mariota reuniting with his former college coach Chip Kelly. And with that said, I would hope the Redskins are open to trading their No. 5-overall pick to the Eagles in order for Kelly to land his Mariota.

— While it does feel like the Eagles won in this trade with the Bills, it will be nice not having to face Shady twice a year. Alonso is an athletic linebacker who looked really good as a rookie two years ago, but he’s coming off ACL surgery and we’re unsure of his impact moving forward.a

  1. And that’s not to say I’m doubting Alonso in his return. The dude’s good and I like him, but when it comes to injuries, you never know until you know.  (back)

Redskins Sign Ricky Jean Francois, Cut Cofield and Bowen

Ricky Jean-Francois

As for the first act of Washington’s moves on Friday, the Redskins signed defensive lineman Ricky Jean Francois to a three-year deal worth $9 million, according to Brian McNally of CBSDC.

Details and notes about the deal:

— Reports state the deal includes $4 million in guaranteed money, and could be worth as much as $11.25 million with factored incentives.

— Who is Jean Francois? A 28-year-old defensive lineman who can play both ends on the defensive line and serve primarily against the run. He was originally drafted in the seventh round in 2009 by the 49ers, whose front office was then run by current Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan.

And for the second act, the Redskins released defensive linemen Barry Cofield and Stephen Bowen.

Details and notes about the roster move(s):

— It was safe to assume Bowen was on his way out (that cap hit is utterly ridiculous), but Cofield is somewhat surprising. Although both names were popular on the list of potential cap relief, Cofield remained an effective piece of the line when healthy.

— Cofield’s release will save the Redskins $4 million in cap room.

— Bowen’s release will save the Redskins $8 million in cap room.

Source: Redskins “a Potential Suitor for Adrian Peterson”

adrian peterson

Nope. No way. Not happening. Adrian Peterson is not coming to Washington.

But according to league insider Jason La Canfora’s latest article documenting the rising tension between the All-Pro running back and the Minnesota Vikings organization, there’s at least a whisper about the Redskins being a dark-horse potential suitor for Peterson’s services.

La Canfora Quote

Would Peterson help a bad team like the Redskins? Sure, great players tend to do that. But given the state of the Redskins, their rebuilding efforts under new general manager Scot McCloughan, Peterson’s age, a running back’s positional value, etc., a move like this would do nothing more than start a fire amongst the Washington fan base about team owner Dan Snyder and his continued meddling.

Not to mention, say the Vikings can’t trade Peterson because the $13 million he’s owed next season is bonkers; would he really want to come to Washington of his own accord?


Takeaways from the Mike Shanahan Redskins Sound Off


Former Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan joined Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro on ESPN980’s The Sport Fix Wednesday afternoon and talked for more than an hour about his time in Washington.

You can listen to the entire six-segment series by clicking here.

Although listening to Shanahan in all his raspy revelation is well worth the time, no one will you blame you for skipping through, at which point you can rely on these few takeaways:a

— First things first: you either believe Mike Shanahan or you don’t.

— Shanahan is far from an angel in all of this. There may have been times, now in retrospect, where he’d like to go back and correct things. But at the same time, he shouldn’t be the one receiving the bulk of the criticism and/or blameb.

— It’s probably not accurate to accuse team owner Dan Snyder of meddling in the way Cowboys owner Jerry Jones does. He doesn’t claim to be the Redskins general manager, he isn’t clocking 40 times or scribbling scouting notes. But he is guilty of crushing on certain players the same way adolescent school girls rave about the young hunks in bad vampire movies. He’s guilty of treating certain players like childhood super heroes and then getting behind the idea of riding along in their pocket.

It’s not that owners can’t have relationships with their players. But if said owner isn’t mature enough to know where and how to draw the line, a conflict arises. And that conflict usually has an effect on the entire organization.

— Robert Griffin III is an insecure guy. It doesn’t really breakdown any simpler than that. He doesn’t take well to criticism and he’s constantly (and overly) concerned with his public image.

— Dr. James Andrews has a strong reputation and lots of credibility — and for good reason, I’m sure. But he comes off a bit slimy in his role with the Redskins and Griffin. Shanahan’s description of various situations involving Andrews (whether it be the Baltimore game, the Cleveland game, the one-on-one chat prior to the Dallas game, the post-surgery evaluation, etc) all seem very believable. If you remember back to when those incidents/times occurred, the way in which Shanahan describes each scenario not only fits as it should, but the reactions and resulting murmurs at the time fit as well.

— One of Griffin’s greatest attributes is his competitiveness. Unfortunately it may also serve as one of his worst. There’s a fine line between fiery and stubborn; between determined and delusional. Too often Griffin can’t seem to locate that line.

  1. Which are 100-percent opinion and perhaps worthy of ceaseless bashing.  (back)
  2. This, of course, coming from a guy who tends to believe what Shanahan said on Wednesday to be true(er) than any other account.  (back)

Jay Gruden Names RG3 Redskins Starting QB for 2015

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden didn’t waste any time at his Wednesday afternoon conference from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, stating that “Robert ended the season as the starter and we anticipate that going forward. We’ll go into the season with Robert as our No. 1 guy.”

Who knows how this ties into backup Kirk Cousins working with Jon Gruden this offseason (which, by the way, Jay Gruden claimed he knew nothing about until after Cousins had finished working with his brother).

Now we all need a nap.

Redskins Invite Vernon Gholston for a Tryout

c/o Ed Betz  - AP

c/o Ed Betz – AP

Many probably don’t remember much about Vernon Gholston. But for those who sink their teeth into the draft and everything leading up to it can remember back to 2008 when Gholston set Indianapolis ablaze with his combine performance.

From his 4.67 40-yard dash, to his 37 reps on the bench press, to his 10.5-foot broad jump, Gholston added all the flashy workout numbers to an already chiseled 6’4″, 260-pound frame. It was that performance, that physique, and the fact that he was being compared to guys like John Abraham, Dwight Freeney, and Jason Taylor that pushed the New York Jets to draft Gholston sixth-overall.

Long story short, Gholston spent the next three seasons with Jets, starting just five games and registering zero sacks. He hasn’t played a regular season snap since.

Meanwhile, the Redskins roster is rotten, and it’s in dire need of help at numerous positions.

No, it’s not a guaranteed roster spot. No, it’s not a free agent signing. It’s just a workout. And chances are, nothing firm evolves from it. But as a guy who remembers back to when Gholston was filed on the “INSANELY ATHLETIC, HOLY SHIT EXPLOSIVE” list, I can’t help but imagine this fast/strong/explosive athlete finding his groove at 28 years old (he’ll be 29 in June) and earning a spot on Washington’s roster, only to terrorize opposing quarterbacks and once and for all prove himself as nothing less than a late-blooming football talent.

Odell Beckham Jr. Can Do Everything, Including Viciously Dunk

Just when we thought Odell Beckham Jr. was really really good at footballa, he goes and throws down an insane dunk like this, which may be all the proof we need that he’s a mutant.

Proposition for the leagues: for three consecutive weeks of the NFL season, the NBA allows for LeBron James to line up at wide receiver for the Browns. In exchange, OBJ is allowed to participate in the NBA Dunk Contest.

  1. …because he is really really good at football.  (back)

Tim Brown Describes RG3 as “a Little Different”


So this is, um, awkward.

On Thursday, Heisman Trophy winner and longtime Raiders great Tim Brown made an appearance on ESPN 980’s The Drive, with hosts Al Galdi, Steve Czaban, and Chris Cooley.

Toward the end of the segment, Brown was asked about Robert Griffin III; and that’s about the time this weird cloud of discomfort began rolling over the airwaves.

(h/t to Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog for transcribing)

I was happy to see him come back the last couple games and play decent, play a lot better than what he had been playing. And I hope that’s enough to give him another shot in D.C., and really give him the confidence that he can get this thing done.

Routine stuff. Pretty neutral.

Brown continued.

But I know RGIII well enough to know that he’s a little different. I mean, I know he is maybe not the brother that you’re gonna be hanging out in the locker room with. And from that standpoint, that’s something that he has to work on.  If he’s going to be a leader, he has to be a leader of everybody in the locker room, and not just one or two guys in the locker room.

This is your oil in a hot pan starting to crackle and pop. This is standing on the frozen pond and hearing the ice begin to snap beneath your feet.

Then Cooley asks, “How is he when he gets together with all the Heisman guys?”

Brown responds.

He’s … he’s tough. He’s a different, guy, you know? And there’s no laughter, there’s no let me get in here with the boys. Everybody’s telling jokes on each other, and nobody’s trying to be mean. But you say something to him and it’s like, ‘oh wow really? Really?’

And this is Tim Brown (kind of, somewhat, pretty much, ehhh) calling RG3 soft, right? As if the young quarterback is too self-conscious to handle jokes and subtle shots amongst his peers?

Brown went on.

So instead of taking it further, what ends up happening is [it’s like] he’s not in the room. So you end up talking around him the whole time. And that’s not cool. Because now you’re literally having to talk around a guy, [when] everybody else is in here having fun and having a jovial time. So I think that’s just something that he has to understand. This is a team sport you’re playing. It’s not golf . If it was golf, brother, I’d say go for it, do what you do. But if you’re going to play a team sport, and you’re going to be the leader of a team sport, you’ve got to loosen up a little bit and be a part of the team.”

You don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill — or in this case, a few words from Tim Brown — but this is bad. And perhaps even worse, given what we’ve seen and heard pertaining to RG3 and his time in Washington, it’s all very believable.


Report: Raheem Morris Leaving Redskins for Falcons

Raheem Morris

UPDATE (01/26/15 @ 11:15 AM): Report is confirmed. Raheem Morris to Atlanta.

It’s not official quite yet, but multiple reports indicate defensive backs coach Raheem Morris will be leaving the Washington Redskins and joining the Atlanta Falcons as an assistant head coach and pass defensive coordinator.

A move like this would essentially put any rumors of Morris sticking in Washington and having an effect on the Redskins next defensive coordinator to rest.

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