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Download the App

Officially official

What screams “OFFICIAL” more than a downloadable app of the Bet Big DC website for your Android or Apple mobile device?

If you find yourself reading from your phone or tablet, follow these steps to make it easier on the eyes:

1.) Be sure that your phone will allow you to download “unknown” applications.

2.) From your mobile browser, visit You will then be prepped with a message that asks if you’d like to view the website in its Mobile Version. Select, ‘OK’.

— For Apple users, when viewing in the app format, click the arrow/box logo at the bottom of your mobile device screen and select the option “Add to Homepage”. You’re done!

3. ) For Droid users, at the next screen, select “Get It Now” and wait for your phone to download the app. Again, remember to change your settings prior to the download in order for your mobile device to allow “unknown” applications.

4.) Once the download is complete, go into your apps page and add the Bet Big DC icon/app to your mobile homepage.

+ When you change your settings to allow “unknown” applications, your mobile device will likely prep you with a message or two that would make you think Bet Big DC is some sort of terrorist organization trying to break into your phone and steal every text message and nude picture you have. Please understand, this app was not created with malicious intent, nor do I have the slightest idea of how to create some cyber worm to steal all the info in your phone. And if I did, I still wouldn’t know what to do with the info it gives me.

++ Thanks for being awesome.


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