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Washington Redskins 2014 NFL Draft Class

Trent Murphy

The Redskins entered draft weekend with six total picks, yet made a trade in the second round to pickup an additional third-round selection, and then another trade in the sixth round to help land themselves an additional seventh-round choice.

Here’s a look at the Redskins 2014 draft class.


Round 2 (47) — Trent Murphy, DE, Stanford

Hard-working pass rusher with good length and a non-stop motor. Develop this guy and he can team up with Ryan Kerrigan after Brian Orakpo walks.

Round 3 (66) — Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia

Before the draft, Moses drew (mock draft) looks in the late first round. He seemed like a lock in the second. Instead, the Redskins land great value and address a position of need. Moses should (hopefully) contend with Tyler Polumbus in camp.

Round 3 (78) — Spencer Long, OG, Nebraska

Didn’t know much about him heading into the weekend, but the Redskins felt comfortable enough regarding Spencer Long’s medical history and addressed an area of need. Long can play all three interior spots on the line and he was touted as one of the best interior guys in the Big Ten when healthy.

Round 4 (102) — Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson

Rangy corner with good ball skills, despite not having elite speed or power. Bashaud Breeland immediately helps the depth in the secondary, as well as the special teams unit. He also has the long-term potential to start on the outside with proper development.

Round 5 (142) — Ryan Grant, WR, Tulane

Doesn’t pop out at you, but Ryan Grant has good hands and runs good routes. He could become an early favorite for RG3 early on.

Round 6 (186) — Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor

Lots of value with this pick. The Redskins were clearly interested in a change-of-pace back who could pose a threat catching the ball out of the backfield, and who could spell Alfred Morris by providing big-play ability. I don’t think the Redskins thought Seastrunk would be hanging around this late.

Round 7 (217) — Ted Bolser, TE, Indiana

Big guy at 6’6″, 248 pounds. Not a surprise that Jay Gruden went for another tight end to add to the fold. Ted Bolser is an attractive guy due to his physical presence, as well as his versatility — he has experience lined up inline, as a fullback and in the slot. Certainly a developmental pick, but an easy guy to root for.

Round 7 (228) — Zach Hocker, K, Arkansas

Perhaps Cobra Kai isn’t all that safe? This likely has more to do with improving kickoffs than field goals, but either way, the more versatile and valuable kicker wins the job. Zach Hocker has a big leg and hopefully challenges Kai Forbath in camp.


Although there may not be much glitz and glam with this draft class, the Redskins were effective. They were able to trade back to add picks, they landed great value in middle and late rounds, they addressed positions of need and also worked to improve their special teams unit.


The Most Efficient, Well-Timed 2014 NFL Mock Draft


Although football fans want to yell and scream about the NFL pushing the draft from its normal late-April time slot into the second week of May, it’s worked brilliantly for the league.

Football nerd zombies roam the streets with foam pouring from their gaping mouths, neighborhoods and communities have been burned to the ground and the babies…good gracious, what about the babies? This mayhem won’t cease until the NFL draft kicks off Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

It may have taken me until the day of the actual draft to understand the concept of constructing an efficient and well-oiled mock draft, but better late than never. Here’s my final version heading into the first round.

For my actual mock draft, you can click here, or visit Gridiron Experts.

Houston Texans1. Houston — Jadeveon Clowney, DE

The Texans are rumored to have placed an expensive price tag on the No. 1-overall pick, which not only implies they keep it, but also that they think highly of Jadeveon Clowney.

St. Louis Rams2. St. Louis — Guy Who Plays Football / Trade

Wouldn’t shock anyone to see the Rams trade out of this pick, as they have two first-rounders this year. But if they elect to draft here, a tackle like Greg Robinson makes sense. A strong case could also be made for Sammy Watkins or Khalil Mack.

One thing we can be sure of, though, it’ll be a football player who’s drafted at No. 2.

Jacksonville Jaguars3. Jacksonville — Hopefully Not John Manziel

Not that the Jaguars don’t need a quarterback, but from the handful of Jacksonville fans I follow on Twitter, I don’t think they want John Manziel. And if Jags Twitter bros don’t want Manziel in Jacksonville, neither do I.

I’d think Sammy Watkins or Khalil Mack make the most sense here at No. 3.

And yes, I refer to him as John now. Because, face of the franchise.

Cleveland Browns 4. Cleveland — John Manziel

From a selfish fantasy geek perspective, I’d like to see John Manziel throwing touchdowns to Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron and, screw it, Ben Tate too.

Oakland Raiders 5. Oakland — Guy Who Plays Football

Seeing as how the Raiders should have to give up this pick for selecting JaMarcus Russell with the top-pick a few years ago, I wouldn’t feel right pinning a name here. For what it’s worth, my gut says they lean defensive player, but if Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans is there, why not?

Atlanta Falcons 6. Atlanta — Offensive Lineman / Pass Rush

Not sure who, not sure when, not sure if trade, but Atlanta needs both an offensive tackle, and a guy to beef up their pass rush. Khalil Mack, Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson, Jadeveon Clowney — they all work.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7. Tampa Bay — Probably Defense / Quarterback 

Heard owners like John Manziel, but head coach Lovie Smith would lean defense. Assuming Khalil Mack is gone, Combine Killer Aaron Donald would make sense.

Minnesota Vikings8. Minnesota — Offense…maybe

It’d be cool to see the Vikings go with some offense, like Mike Evans. Defensive lineman would work too. Oh yeah, and Christian Ponder isn’t your franchise, so quarterback is high on the list also.

Buffalo Bills 9. Buffalo — Guy Who Plays Football

The Bills could use an offensive tackle, a receiver, or even an athletic tight end like Eric Ebron. Definitely a guy who plays football though.

Detroit Lions 10. Detroit — Cornerback

Makes the most sense and they should have their choice amongst the best in the class.

Tennessee Titans 11. Tennessee — Pass Rush / Offensive Lineman / QB

Anthony Barr is a popular choice to upgrade the pass rush, a slipping Jake Matthews to help the offensive line would make sense, and depending on how the team feels about Jake Locker, quarterback may be an option.

New York Giants 12. NY Giants — Offensive Lineman

New York still needs a left tackle.

St. Louis Rams 13. St. Louis — Receiver 

I love Odell Beckham Junior (scouting report).

Chicago Bears 14. Chicago — Defense

Safety, defensive lineman. Maybe a corner.

Pittsburgh Steelers 15. Pittsburgh — Cornerback


Dallas Cowboys 16. Dallas — Not John Manziel / Defense

Simmer down, Jerra’. Simmer down. No oil money connection for you. Why not a guy who plays defense? Like a safety or lineman? Or how ’bout a center? Wanna take a center?

Baltimore Ravens 17. Baltimore — Hasean Clinton-Dix, S

Not sure he falls this far, but Hasean Clinton-Dix is a perfect match in Charm City, hon. They could go offensive tackle here, as well.

New York JEts 18. NY Jets — Receiver / Defense / Trade

Rex Ryan likes defense, therefore defensive players are favorites here at 18. Or maybe they have their eyes set on a receiver? Brandin Cooks would be cool, or even a sizable option like Cody Latimer. Wouldn’t rule out a trade here either.

Miami Dolphin19. Miami — Guy Who Plays Football / Trade

Miami needs to upgrade their offensive line, get more athletic at linebacker and maybe look to address the safety position. Chances are, they’ll select a guy who plays football or trade out of the No. 19 spot.

Arizona Cardinals20. Arizona — Teddy Bridgewater, QB

This is my hipster pick. Teddy B’s stock is riding solo on the Tower of Doom, as if he’s bolted together with scrap parts. He fits in Arizona, they need a guy for the future and they’re a hard team to mock anyway.

Green Bay Packers 21. Green Bay — Defense

Safety of lineman. Or linebacker.

Philadelphia Eagles 22. Philadelphia — Safety / Receiver / Trade

Both are needs and the Eagles are positioned nicely to land a talent. Wouldn’t rule out a trade up either, as they may like a certain safety just enough.

Kansas City Cheifs 23. Kansas City — Receiver / Offensive Lineman

Love me some Brandin Cooks (scouting report), but could also see Andy Reid going all big man on us and using the pick to replenish his offensive line.

Cincinnati Bengals 24. Cincinnati — Pass Rusher / Corner 

Despite my lack of confidence in Andy Dalton, the Bengals go defense here.

San Diego Chargers 25. San Diego — Guy Who Plays Football

Cornerback. Offensive lineman. Pass rusher, perhaps?

Cleveland Browns 26. Cleveland — Quarterback / Receiver 

More things to bolster the offense! Fantasy weirdos rejoice!

New Orleans Saints27. New Orleans — Dee Ford, LB

In almost a dozen different versions, I don’t think my simpleton mind has shifted once on the match at No. 27 between the Saints and pass-rush master Dee Ford.

Carolina Panthers 28. Carolina — Offensive Lineman / Receiver

The offensive lineman idea seems to be heating up, but I really like Davante Adams (scouting report) and I think he’d fit nicely with Cam Newton. Also, who the hell else catches the ball in Carolina past Greg Olson routes? Is Armanti Edwards still around?

New England Patriots 29. New England — Bill Belichick Pulls a Fast One

If the Patriots didn’t have a guy like Wild (yet Mellow) Bill running the show, I’d say New England looks to draft a defensive lineman or pass catcher. But because Wild (yet Mellow) Bill does run the show, the Patriots are hard to guess and the safest bet is a trade.

San Francisco 49ers 30. San Francisco — Whatever They Want

The Niners are really good already and have tons of picks to wheel and deal. They can trade up into the top-10 if they want, they can trade back and collect even more picks like that asshole in pogs tournaments. They can do whatever they want. And with a strong roster, they can take any position without feeling like they passed on a need.

Denver Broncos 31. Denver — Linebacker / Guy Who Plays Football

I’d think adding speed to the defensive side of the ball is a priority for the reigning conference champions, so that’s why I like the idea of Ryan Shazier in this spot. If not, Denver likely takes a different football player.

Seattle Seahawks 32. Seattle — Offensive Tackle / Receiver

Does Jordan Matthews inch his way into the first round? If so, the Vanderbilt wideout could work in Seattle. The Seahawks could also afford to upgrade at right tackle.


Kevin Durant 2014 NBA MVP Speech

Looking for a good cry?

Look no further than Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant making his acceptance speech after being named the NBA’s most valuable player for 2014.

Below is the speech in its entirety, all of which is fantastic. But if you wish, fast-forward to any point in the video and try to hold back a tear after more than 30 seconds.

Congrats, Durantula. We love you.

Wizards’ Unexpected Playoff Run Continues

c/o Geoff Burke - USA Today Sports

c/o Geoff Burke – USA Today Sports

The Wizards proved nearly every NBA expert wrong by upsetting the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs, which is all kinds of awesome.

There’s a piece over at numberFire explaining how the Bulls — although somewhat initially feared heading into the playoffs — may have actually been the best matchup for the Wiz not only in the first round, but also moving forward.

In terms of analysis: the Wizards outplayed the Bulls. Whether it was offense, defense, toughness, coaching, grit, desire, it didn’t matter — Washington was better all over.

As much as I’d love to write more about the first round that was, I’m extremely busy working through the film to determine whether this is Mr. Rogers, or Wizards head coach Randy Wittman following Game 5. Stay tuned.

Mr Rogers Middle Finger


Donald Sterling Sucks, and There’s a Difference Between Freedom of Speech and Consequences

Louie FacePalm

After NBA commissioner Adam Silver smacked former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling in the face with a lifetime ban from the league following leaked voice recordings of the racist owner saying (surprise!) racist things, it was baffling how many people took to social media and expressed their displeasure with the ruling, because…HEY FIRST AMENDMENT, MAN!

Just a few morsels for those who attempt to pose arguments with things like, “First Amendment, WTF?” and “What happened to free speech?” and “America, smdh”…

  • Contrary to popular belief (which is unbelievable in itself), the National Basketball Association isn’t the United States government.
  • Donald Sterling is a bigot and he’s allowed to be — notice he’s not going to prison. He’s not a criminal, just a really, really big asshole.
  • There is a massive difference between freedom of speech and repercussions. Feel free to say whatever you’d like, but there are consequences with everything.

No one will miss Donald Sterling, either. That guy has sucked for quite some time.

Wizards-Bulls Series Feels More Boxing Match than Basketball

Nene 1

After the Wizards beat the Bulls to steal Game 1 of their first-round series in Chicago, I refrained from popping bottles, crowing on Twitter or posting something cocky about how I thought Washington would fare in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Now, almost 36 hours after the Wizards won their second game in Chicago to go up 2-0 on the Bulls in what many thought would be a lopsided fight in favor of the bad guys, I’ve decided to slither out of my cave and throw out random nuggets regarding the first two games, as well as the rest of the series.

Game 1

It seems like a distant memory at this point, following consecutive nights of sleep deprivation (thanks a lot LaMarcus Aldridge and West coast tips). But if memory serves, the Bulls were horrid in the fourth quarter of Game 1, scoring just 18 points to Washington’s 30.

Nene continued to pour it on — finishing the game with 24 points on 65 percent shooting and eight rebounds — while Chicago continued their search for anyone on their team who could put the ball in the orange rim thingy (Kirk Hinrich and DJ Augustin led the way that night with 16 a piece on a collective 32 percent shooting from the floor).

Although the House of Guards (used it!) didn’t shoot particularly well, the frontcourt stepped up, with Marcin Gortat adding 15 points to go along with his 13 rebounds, and Trevor Ariza knocking down his shots from beyond the arc and chipping in with 18.

Most importantly, however — and this definitely won’t be the last time I mention this — the Wizards played awesome defense. Yes, we know, the Bulls don’t have a go-to scoring option. But Washington matched Chicago’s intensity on defense and it paid off.

Game 2

Anxiety heading into this game was sky-high, and for a couple of reasons.

One, the Bulls were torched on their home floor just two nights before, and there was no doubt they were coming into Game 2 upset about the upset. I expected intensity, chippiness and physicality on defense.

Secondly, there was a strong feeling the referees were going to be in favor of Chicago. The Bulls were going to get the 50/50 calls here, they were going to get a few breaks there, and Wizards fans would talk about it in the end, while Bulls fans called us whiners. It was just this easily placed vision in my head leading up to the game.

Not even seven minutes into the game and the Wizards had stormed out of the gate and pounced all over the Bulls. They were shooting with confidence, said shots were falling and Chicago was standing hefty on their own heels.

Eventually the Bulls would fight through (only trailing by seven at the break) and they did so by playing with a fiery demeanor. They had attitude, they were passionate, they were playing hard-nosed defense and Taj Gibson was relentless on the glass.

Depending on who you talk to (Wizards or Bulls fan), Chicago did receive plenty of calls throughout the first three quarters. The fourth quarter, however, was a bit more kind to the Wizards, and ultimately a zebra call in the closing seconds forced a jumpball that would give Washington the final shot.

When it was all said and done, and the Wizards had escaped overtime with their second win of the series, the list of biggest takeaways from the game, penciled by a fat Washington fan, would probably look something like this:

  • The Bulls attempted to set a tone early in the game and became sidetracked. But because they’re an extremely tough bunch, they didn’t waver. They stuck with their attitude and clawed their way back. The key, though, was that Washington didn’t back down from it. They didn’t run from it. They didn’t let the United Center’s roaring momentum in the second quarter get the best of them. Instead, they matched it. They felt the Bulls playing their bully card and they threw the same intensity and fire right back into their face, ultimately making for an awesome basketball game.
  • Taj Gibson was the guy on the court you loathe, because he’s full of hustle and energy and he’s not on your side. Gibson gobbled 10 rebounds in Game 2, nine of which were on the offensive glass, to go along with his 22 points. The Wizards couldn’t stop him, and they may not be able to the entire rest of the series.
  • Shooting 57 percent from the free throw line as a team of professionals in the playoffs, only to get worse in the second half, felt like the Wizards were hosting a workshop on how not to win a basketball game. So gross. And that can’t continue. Although they’re not a great free throw shooting team to begin with, they have to be better than that.
  • It wasn’t an actual “thing”, but there was talk following the game that the Bulls were tired and fatigued. …Um, what? Perhaps those same people making such silly claims should also give props to the Wizards defense — because they played the shit out of it.

Moving Forward

Coming back from two games down to win an NBA playoff series hasn’t exactly been a popular bit over the years, but I’m not quite ready to kick my feet up and safely assume Washington handles their first-round opponent by Sunday.

Because of the Bulls’ toughness, and the Wizards’ desire to match it, this series is like a boxing match filled with more body blows from each fighter than head shots. While Chicago’s inability to score contributes to the label, Washington’s defensive prowess helps seal it.

That said — intertwined with all types of bias and homerism, which also happens to be logical reasoning in this case — this is the Wizards’ series to lose. If they can come home to the Phone Booth and feed off what should be plenty of positive energy (Verizon Center hosted less than a handful of sellouts this season), Washington’s defense will continue to hamper the Bulls and they’ll win the next two games like they’re suppose to.

Meanwhile, the most important part of winning the next two games for the Wizards will be the added rest they receive as they prepare for the second round of the playoffs.

Wizards. Second round. Playoffs. That all sounds weird.


Washington Redskins 2014 NFL Schedule is Tough…We Think…Maybe

We anxiously await the release of the NFL schedule, then frantically take to social media to talk about either A.) how our team was shafted, or B.) our team’s upcoming cake walk to the Super Bowl.

Either approach is nuts.

But not to be left out, here’s a look at the Redskins’ upcoming 2014 schedule — including the easy parts, rough patches and other stuff we have zero chance at accurately forecasting this far in advance of the NFL season.
Redskins Schedule Breakdown

Attempting to section the stretches…

Stay Cool

This section of the schedule pertains to the first two games, in which a majority of Redskins fans are likely telling all their friends about how the team is going to start out 2-0.

Meanwhile, fans of the opposing Texans and Jaguars teams believe they have a decent shot at beating the Redskins — and they’re just as credible as we are here in Washington.

Stay cool. Those first two games may not be as easy as they currently look by the time the season rolls around.

Oh Shit

Say what you want about Eli Manning — he’s not going to be as miserable as he was last season. In addition to the division rival Giants, the Redskins also get the defending division champion Eagles, the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks and a Cardinals team one year removed from being duped from the playoffs.

Needless to say, this is a hard stretch of games.

Not Scared

I don’t think the Bucs, Titans or Vikings scare me as much as the Texans or Jaguars. But then again, without even having committed rosters yet, it’s anyone’s guess how a team fares compared to last season’s form.

Even so, this fat of the schedule doesn’t appear too intimidating. A road game in Dallas is never easy, but those are assumed shootouts anyway.

Oh Shit, Squared

Name an easy game in the Redskins’ final seven…

Aside from the St. Louis Rams — who you could argue either way — a combination of three division games, a battle with a conference juggernaut and a matchup with a tough Colts squad makes for a pretty tough road for the Redskins to end the season.

The regular season can’t come soon enough.


Wizards End Miserable Playoff Drought and Fans Totally Frickin’ Deserve It – a Brief Story in Pictures + GIFs

John Wall 2

The Sopranos series finale ended, and we all just looked at each other wondering if that was it, or if the cable had just gone out.

The Coen Brothers controlled the movies with No Country for Old Men, raking in four Oscars, including best picture, because Javier Bardem was a bad ass.

And somehow we allowed Akon to dominate radio airwaves, ultimately giving him four songs in the Billboard top-15 for the year.

That was 2007. The last time the Wizards made the playoffs.

We deserve this.

Andray Blatche Stink Arenas Gun Dance Ernie Grunfeld Flip Saunders Jan Vesely JaVale and Nick
Antonio Daniels VS Allen Iverson (ankle breaker) gif photo a88484f1.gif
JaVale McGee Jordan Crawford Mike Bibby Oleksiy Pecherov Rashard Lewis Washington Wizards midnight madness
Ron Paul It's Happening
Bill Cosby

The Wizards will take on the Chicago Bulls in the first round. Tip for Game 1 is scheduled for Sunday evening at 7 PM, hopefully helping to make your holiday full of booze, ham and heartwarming playoff basketball.

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