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Randy Moss Plays

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How do you plan on paying for that, Randy?


Whether you’re looking to earn big bucks with online sports betting, or just have a little flutter with your pocket money, we’ve got you covered.

We heard the masses chanting in the streets, we witnessed the flocking crowds, and it’s about time we make everything right with the world.

Helping to appease the investing public (not really), we’re back with the latest edition of Randy Moss Picks of the Day.

Each pick is formed by a committee of very average, self-proclaimed expert bettors. Tread cautiously.

Bookmark it, follow it and cash it.


Overall: 216-245-5 ( .463 )
Record for 2014 NFL season: 119-136 ( .466 )

Record for 2013 NFL season: 83-97-5 ( .448 )
Record for 2012 NFL season: 14-12-0 ( .538 )


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