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The Shame Report

this classy and upstanding bunch…

The Shame Report is a regular chronicle that attempts to call out dastardly and embarrassing figures/groups for their unfortunate failures and miscues from the week that was. It’s also my most obvious and pathetic shot at being humorous on the entire site. Let’s try and play nice. 

TSR Volume 12: A-Rod’s Suspension, Lab-Grown Burgers and The Post Sells for a Drop of Cash

TSR Volume 11: Death to Twinkies, Deion Pulls Race Card, and Ernie Grunfeld in Washington

TSR Volume 10: John Goodman Rocks, Lawson Gets Paid, and London is Falling

TSR Volume 9: Chad’s Release, Local College Football Uniforms, and Baltimore’s Carne Cabeza

TSR Volume 8: It Could Be Worse for Penn State, A-Rod’s Pain, and Dwight Remains Unmagical

TSR Volume 7: Kardashian Preys in DC, Chris Bosh is Still Weird, Pine Tar Davey and Clown Questions

TSR Volume 6: McNabb’s Redemption, Totorella the Terrible, the Caps’ Future and Roll-A-Bouts

TSR Volume 5: Cole Hamels Is Stupid, Retain Love for Joel and Peterson Could Be a Cheater

TSR Volume 4: Egotistical Armageddon, the Secret Service and Goodell’s Iron Fist

TSR Volume 3: The Sandman of Golf’s Biggest Event and a Castro Supporter

TSR Volume 2: Crazed Fans, Crazed Coaches and Bad Motorcycle-Riding Adulterers

TSR Volume 1: An Outcast, a Cry Baby and Ryan Leaf Walk Into a Bar…

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